• Exceptionally durable and soft Genuine Buffalo Hide leather. 
  • Hand laced vamp with Eagle embroidery. 
  • Functional lace to tighten and ensure a snug fit. 
  • Double sole made from Buffalo Hide leather. 
  • Foam layered in between leather soles for a soft and comfortable cushioned step. 
  • Made true to size. If you have a half size, we recommend you size down to the nearest full size. 
  • To feel the true softness of these leathers, we recommend wearing your moccasins bare foot. 


All of our moccasins are hand made true to size. We have allowed sizing for stretch as the leathers are soft. If you have a half size, we recommend you size down to the nearest full size.

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About Eric

Eric Parnell is a Canadian, Native Art artist. His artistic heritage as a member of the Eagle clan of British Columbia’s Haida Nation goes back many centuries. Eric describes himself as “self-taught,” saying that “books were my teachers”.

He studied the traditional Haida art forms in books on this subject, learning the formal descriptions of the shapes and subjects of paintings and carvings, and adapting and creating his own distinctive paintings within this tradition. He also began to share with other artists, absorbing their examples and suggestions, but always following his own inner vision of what he wanted to portray.

Eric specializes in limited edition prints but extends his impressive talent to drums, garments, table tops, ceremonial attire and now Leatherwear!