Our Leathers

Hides in Hand offers a wide variety of handcrafted leather products. We exclusively use Moose, Deer and Buffalo hides collected from local hunters. These are some of the softest and most durable types of leather all containing natural, water repelling properties. These unique leather's are collected from licensed, Canadian hunting associations under strict and specific government regulations. Unlike many of our competitors, we DO NOT contribute to the weak environmental laws of other countries by importing low quality, poorly tanned leathers. Our hides are simply a bi-product of local animals, gathered by local hunters, where meat accounts for their main value. Furthermore, the tanning process, (leather treatment) is done locally and with minimal impact on the environment due to the guidelines issued by the local ministry.​


Leather is one of the most efficient, natural and renewable resources. It holds many functional qualities, especially when used to create clothing and apparel. When comparing to most fabrics and vinyls, leather sustains a much longer life. Leather repels moisture and protects from heat, cold and wind. In general, the softer the "feel" of the leather, the higher the quality. We use Moose, Deer and Buffalo hides because they are naturally softer and more comfortable. Buffalo hides are valued for their long lasting durability. Moose hide and Deerskin leathers are known for their breathability and keeping cooler in warm temperatures and warmer in cool temperatures. They form back to their original condition after being wet and will always retain a good look.

Each hide comes with its own unique story. Some of our leather products contain slight scars and markings. We embrace these markings to the fullest as they reflect each animal’s natural habitat. They do not affect the quality or performance of our products, rather, they add to the natural and organic feel of our designs.