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Product Care


Moose hide and deerskin leathers are washable. These leathers that we receive from the tannery are not treated with waxes or coatings. This is why the leather is so naturally soft and luxurious. Yes...the leathers can be washed and are not afraid of the water. Just think of the animals natural outdoor habitat. Moose hide and deerskin gets more beautiful as it ages. The natural oils from our hands enhances the beauty of these leathers. Do not be alarmed at any first sight of markings or wear. Ink from pens are permanent and be aware of those brand new jeans you bought as the dye will come off onto your new handbag. Refer to the washing instructions of heavily dyed garments that you may own.‚Äč

We suggest applying a good quality leather spray to your items to add longevity and to water proof the item if needed.  We do not recommend using Dubbin Oil.


Fully emerge the item in a cold water bath in a sink. Use a mild soap or detergent, the same kind you would use for a delicate item of clothing. Hand wash the item, rinse it well with cold water and leave to hang dry. You can place a towel in the item to speed up the drying process.


Set your washing machine to the delicate or gentle cycle. Cold water must be used with a small amount of mild soap or detergent. It is a suggested to add similar colour items like towels into the same wash. Once washed, you can hang dry your item. Placing a towel in the item helps speed up the drying process.